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NEW Tetricorn for android released! You can get the free version on the google
play market here: Tetricorn free or the ads free pro version here: Tetricorn

Tetricorn is a HTML5 based hybrid game that provoke parallel thinking and acting
You can find the Java/Applet version of Tetricorn here

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How to play:

The objective of the game is to destroy the bricks. There are 2 ways to that.
  1. When a row without holes is constructed it will vanish. This brings 200 points.
  2. Hit the bricks with the ball. If the brick is a static one (already fallen) the reward
    is 5 points. If the brick is still falling the reward is 10 points.
The game ends when the fallen bricks reach the top or if all balls are lost.
The player can control the falling bricks (move left, right, rotate and drop down).
The player can also move the pad at the bottom on the screen to prevent loosing the ball.
For more information how to play watch this video:
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Action Input
Move tile leftA
Move tile rightD
Rotate tile leftW
Rotate tile rightS
Drop tile downSpace
Move pad left/rightMouse left/right
Fire ballLeft Mouse Button
Menu / PauseEsc
Copyright (c) 2009 - 2011 Matey Nenoff, all rights reserved